News and Media

"Great to see innovation in the golf footwear market.

Birdie Golf Mag

"An incredible new line of kicks that will blow your mind.

Pivot & Swing

"I have played 25 rounds in a month and wore them everyday. My feet have never felt better. I love them."

Brad May, Stanley Cup winner with the Anaheim Ducks

"The dual-density midsole & shock absorbent EVA really made me feel like I was walking on a bed of clouds." 

Golf Clubhouse Australia

"They're flat-out comfortable."

Plugged-In Golf

"Can without a doubt see that these shoes will be hugely popular in the future."

Christine Elvin

"WOW! They look great...I can't wait to buy a pair...OR TWO!"

Laurie Sweet

"Seriously cool and different to anything else!"

Jordan Godwin

"The most comfortable things ever."

Cityline Feature

Sandra Pittana, Cityline

"I visited your stand at the Golf Show this week and I love your shoes."

David Povall

"A stylish, fun and contemporary perspective on classic silhouettes."

Minor House

"They were great. It rained but slippage was not a concern. Went with socks and without, and they performed awesome."

Todd Keirstead, Voted #1 Trick shot by The Golf Channel.

"The comfort and fit was amazing and the traction was extremely good. We were sold after one round."

Aaron Adkins, Fairway Styles

"An amazing combination of fit, comfort and style that makes them equally amazing when playing golf or hanging out at the 19th hole."

Michael Wargo, Florida Golf Central

"Inventors cross Crocs with golf shoes, score a hole-in-one"

The Globe and Mail

"They keep me in connection with the ground, where golfers are supposed to draw their power from. If you lose connection with the ground, you lose distance."

Nate Clingersmith, 2014 Canadian Long Drive Finalist

"The most original golf shoes the golf industry has seen."

The Golf Wire

'Nothing short of magic.'

Michael Wargo, Florida Golf Central Mag

"I think we've got a gamechanger on our hands."

'We were sold after one round.'

Fairway Styles for GNN