Ancient Greek derived from bios meaning "life". The expression of being fully alive.

A shoe designed to take you everywhere, and upon arrival, to do everything.
Office, dinner, cottage, golf course, your wedding and your funeral.

Life, at your command.

One shoe. Many talents.

A breadth of talent brings:

confidence (With so much talent, you know you can.)

freedom Confidence knows no boundaries and allows you to be your best (Talent x Confidence)

expression Because you must, and know that you can.
(Confidence x Freedom)

Biion gives the protagonist of the leisure story the confidence, freedom, and expression to inspire and lead the life of adventure that everyone else wants. A coveted character in the leisure revolution...

The Professional Leisure-ist.

They are:

Redefining the game of success with new rules,
because a relentless appetite for adventure doesn’t have time for the way it used to be.
Life as an opportunity.
The world made better by stirring the pot with a style and self-assurance that makes all occasion s grand. Business and pleasure become
a seamlessly tasteful life.

This is a lifestyle disruption.
Put them on and walk into something new.

From the Ancient Greek “bios,” meaning “life,” Biion is the expression of being fully alive. Biion was born of the vision to create a lightweight, comfortable, multi-functional shoe that could empower people to make the most of all they do in life. We’ve taken classic silhouettes and modernized them with 21st century materials. We bring function to fashion with technology that enables a high-performance lifestyle. Our shoes are made from EVA, which makes them highly durable and easy to care for.      Adventure.   Rinse.   Repeat


Biion Technology

HEXTRA-GRIP traction outsole provides an extremely low profile performance, offering the ultimate connection to the ground with amazing balance.

Reduce leg fatigue for greater performance on the long haul. The light weight, flexible EVA material keeps you light on your feet, and comfortable before, during, and after your outing.

Biion's HEXCELL nano molecular EVA technology forms to your foot giving you a performing shoe with a precision fit.

Maintain comfort throughout your day. Biion begins by keeping your foot cool with strategically placed ventilation holes throughout the shoe.

Look inside. The massage nodes within every Biion shoe give your feet a therapeutic sensation with every step.

Dual density, energy-return midsole. The Biion shoe works with you, allowing for the natural movement of your feet through every step.

Biion’s HEXTRA-GRIP tread provides outstanding traction, strength and stability in every activity. 

"The most comfortable things ever"

Cityline Testimonial

Sandra Pittana

4 ounces.
That’s the weight of a Biion Shoe.
Biion’s HEXCELL technology will
lighten the load of every step.